We have reached the point where we can no longer promise delivery in time for Christmas. You are welcome to purchase gift certificates for dollar amounts or for a specific forged item. Contact us if we can answer any questions or assist in anyway to help you with your gift purchase. All items that can ship quickly are listed in the ready to ship collection.

What can we forge for you?

Heirloom Fire Place Tools

Hammered Sculpture

Little River Bog

The Art of Blacksmithing

  • Custom forged hardware for your life spaces serve their function with style and artistry. Hangers, racks offer unique storage solutions that are strong and durable.

    For Home

    Artisan Hardware provides your space with functional storage solutions that serve you well and please the eye. Beautiful art from skilled hands help you create your favorite place to be. What can we make for What can we make for you?

  • For the Hearth, In and Out

    The Fireplace has been a gathering spot since fire was discovered. The hearth is a focal point on the home and a favorite place outdoors to relax and enjoy company. Well made tools are an investment worth making.

  • Passed Down

    Time Travelers

    Our love for well made things transcends many generations. These things that long out last us are looking for new memories to carry with them as they journey through time. Come and See what you need.