Welcome to the Forge of Artisan Blacksmith Walter Howell

Welcome to the Forge of Artisan Blacksmith Walter Howell

     First let me Thank each and every person who visits our site and a special thanks to those who make the journey to come and watch Walter work. While our goal is to provide heirloom quality iron work for our clients, Walter's gift has become so much more in our lives than a way to make a living. 

    We have been blessed to touch peoples lives and have them touch ours with stories and testimonies. Clients have become friends and Walter has been given the opportunity to share the knowledge that comes to him by grace. His gift was not sought after like many who find a love in their heart for something. His whole life was preparation for something he didn't know he had all along. But the Lord knows when the time is right and he set Walter forth on a journey that is for us a path of blind faith and a hope that we will serve him well.

A hand forged Crown of Thorns by Artist Blacksmith Walter Howell of Walter Forge

   The first step of our journey was a move to Alabama. There among many other wonderful things we found that folks had a real appreciation of iron work. Our area is very rural and mainly an agricultural community. Every community had a blacksmith and most farmers had a forge for repairing equipment. Walter found a deep well of knowledge from elders with a lifetime of "been there, had to do that" common sense to pass along. School books and classes don't teach the tricks of the trade and the lessons learned that you can acquire from a lifetime of experience.

Alfred Manis has been an inspiration and a wealth of valuable knowledge.

   **Mr. Alfred Manis, Master Wheel Wright, Sand Mountain Alabama**

     Our business began to grow and all the while Walters skills were developing to a level that amazed us. He just never thought of himself as any kind of artist. All of the practical knowledge passed to him by his father and grandfather became part of his arsenal of skills to call on. When he finally had the opportunity to study with a master he told me that he had gone there to learn that he already understood the process. When you love what you do it shows in your work.

    We have lots of stories to share, so check back often. I tend to ramble a bit and they will jump forward and backward in time, but I hope you enjoy walking this journey with us and enjoy meeting some of the good folks and characters we have met along the way.

Be Blessed. Rhonda    

We will Praise him with the Anvils Ring

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