Forging a Brass Cross

Forging a Brass Cross

Passed Knowledge, New Hands

   When learning a skill you are on the receiving end of knowledge that has been tried and tested over the years. Lessons and techniques learned are passed along to new generations of makers who learn, practice and then improve upon the processes that provide both necessary items and beautiful art work for all to enjoy.

   In Smithing as with all other handwork, there are projects that teach multiple techniques. One of these is the forging of a very traditional Cross design. There is much to be learned from the creation of this faith based work.

teaching projects for smithing techniques and processes


   The Forged Cross begins as a 4 inch piece of 1/2 Square Steel Stock. Cuts are made and the small stick of iron opens much like an origami paper project. When heated to Cherry Red the iron unfolds to reveal a lovely cross with a diamond shaped opening in the center. All along the process the piece is continually cleaned and shaped. The process begins learning to correctly slit the metal and ends with a brass application process that is unique and wondrous to watch. At just the right temperature the brass will transfer to the hot forged iron work. The brass highlights the texture of the iron and the fingerprints of the hammer strokes against the iron.

This small artisan made pocket sculpture is perfect for a side table or to carry with you. We have filmed the process for you to watch from raw material to finished project. I hope you will enjoy your time at the Forge and learn a little something! If you would like to purchase one of our crosses just click here. The price of $30 includes Free Ground Shipping and any applicable fees and taxes. 



Take a few moments and enjoy watching this project take shape.


Please visit often to see what new projects and works we have in the offering.

Keep on Sparking!

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