Good grilling tools from the Forge include these pigtail forks with forged steer heads combining art with function

Good Tools make for Good Eating!

There is something wonderful about the taste of food cooked over an open fire

   Flavors of smoke and fire are used by the Grill Master to create meals that have folks anxious to fill their plates. Cooking outdoors requires effort and knowledge of heat and cooking techniques. The whole thing goes better for everybody with good tools.
We have found there are a lot of one size fits all tools out there but being able to get exactly what you prefer to use is a joy for the Chef. Walter Forge has created a line of basic tools for grilling that can be customized for your particular cooking preferences. We start with strong stock meant to last for many seasons of service. Then we listened to what folks were saying. What they wish they had and what was wrong with the tools they were using. Using that criteria we developed user friendly designs that would feel good in your hand and serve their purpose well. We will showcase a few of them here and show you why they are a good investment.

The Walter Forge Tripod Set

One of the first things we noticed was that folks who cook outdoors were serious about it. Most every wish list started with a cooking frame that was more substantial than what was readily available. We started by using solid iron stock of a larger size more suited for heavy pots. The second thing we realized was that cooking preferences need some versatility in the design. Walter forged the legs to be used in the traditional three legged tripod or an H frame spit. 

Our heavy duty tripod set in an "H" Frame spit set up   Forged Iron Tripod Camp cooking equipment

To assemble as a "H" frame you want to drive the two support legs into the ground using the forged rings as guides for the main leg. This allows you to hang multiple pots or grills and provides you with a large spit if needed. The loops at the end of the main rod will serve as hangers for tools and extras. We highly suggest you stake your legs to prevent tipping from uneven weight.  

To assemble as a tripod, Start by holding your main leg with the hook and loop so that the loop is facing down. Thread the support legs on to the forged hook at the top of the main leg and adjust the three legs to the appropriate distance for your fire set up. The adjustable chain and hook thread through the hanging loop in the center and can be locked into place by threading the opposite hook through any link.

    Three connecting legs make up the support system for out forged iron tripods.







   Maintain your ironwork by storing in an dry environment whenever possible. Polish regularly with a beeswax based polish to condition the iron and prevent oxidation. We highly recommend Lehmans Spray Bees Wax. Should you have heavy rusting occur at some point, clean with boiled linseed oil and reapply a coat of wax. Just a little maintenance occasionally will protect your ironwork and it will serve you for a long time.

If you need a spit for a large pig we can provide a set with heavy duty stock suited for heavy proteins. Send us your specifics to get the conversation started.

Pigtail forks are a very old design. They have been used by cooks and made by blacksmiths for hundreds of years. We offer both left and right handed tools to suit all hands. Average length is 19 inches but you will find longer ones available as Walter makes them and we forge custom lengths as needed. Pigtails come in 2 different styles from Walter Forge. Our railroad spike forks are forged from authentic spikes produced in the USA. For those who prefer no frill we have our scroll handle forks in smooth round stock.

                                Pigtail grilling fork from authentic railroad spike



 We are glad to work with folks to find a custom grill set up that suits their particular need.

Adjustable grill platforms provide you with the ability to move your proteins and vegetables around keeping them in the needed temperature zone. Grids slide up and down and rotate around with a simple turn of a handle. On this grill set up the top grid adjusts to 4 different locations. The bottom grid adjust up and down providing a large cooking surface that can be easily lowered and raised when needed. Need a round or odd shaped set up? We can do that too! These are made to order. Please let us know what you would like to have. Conversation is Free around our table.

We hope your fall harvest was bountiful and that around your table are good friends and good times!

Keep on Sparking!

The Howells at Walter Forge

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How can I acquire a couple of rail-spike pigtail forks and a “tripod set”? They look wonderful.

Arden Dorney

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