Forged Hardware

Handmade Hardware adds Beauty and Value to Your Living Space

Custom forged hardware provides a unique opportunity for you to add beauty and value to your home or office space. Hand made hardware will help you achieve just the look you want. Original artisan work attracts the attention of your guests or a potential buyer. It also provides you with the opportunity to get exactly what you want hand made to your specific needs.


Using artisan hardware throughout your home you can create a flow from room to room. Custom racks and hangers that are not limited by standard lengths and mounting options enable us to include our customers in the creative design process.
Walter forges window hardware for indoors and outdoor. Windows have become a very creative space for home decor. Custom hooks and hangers can be forged in sizes and angles to accommodate designer fabrics or drop cloth curtains.
 Hardware can be forged to look new and contemporary or aged by process to look 100 years old. You are not limited by standard sizes that won't fit or work the way you need them to. This heirloom quality hardware is made to last for a very long time and serve its function while pleasing the eye. 

         Unique Lighting made for your space 

                           Unique Original Design created through collaboration with the client.


 Window Hardware

Our products include outdoor hardware like shutter straps and indoor hardware for custom drapes and treatments.