Custom Forged Branding Irons by Artisan Blacksmith

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Hand Forged and Designed for You 

Branding irons are used these days more for steaks and as decorative elements than cattle identification. But our custom forged irons are made to be used if needed. We have made quite a few as grooms gifts and retirement gifts. We are able to supply any letter and will work with a client to replicate a design they envision. 

A Very Unique and Personal Gift

The 30 inch branding iron shown here features a heart handle with a traditional twist. They chose a letter "C" to burn into the grooms keg for this wedding celebration, as he wasn't a big fan of cake. This brand was made to mark some furniture and other pieces for their home but could also be used on a good size steak. The letter is approximately 3 inches high. We do offer different handle styles like similar to those on our hand forged fire pokers that include scrolls and braided suede wrapping. This listing is for the heart and letter brand shown here. Contact us with your particular design need. Delivery time is about 14 days.

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