Forged Sculpture of a Beautiful Feather

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Hammer Sculpted Feather 

Feathers are such a wonderfully unique thing. They are beautiful in color and texture. These weightless works of art give the gift of flight.

We are blessed to live in an area rich with birds of prey and water fowl. In appreciation for the joy they bring Walter replicates them with hand and hammer. They are lovely artistic accents that are a natural in any environment. 

This carefully detailed feather is 8 1/2 inches long from tip to quill. The texture of the feather was all done by hand. The colors are achieved by layering coats of brown bees wax over a light oxide patina stain. The two work together to produce a subtly two toned feather. 

Its all about the process...

Walter intentionally leaves the back in the natural iron state to show how the marks of the hammer transform the look of the iron stock. 

A feather starts as a stick of solid iron round stock. Cherry Red means its time to hammer it out.


It all begins with a stick of red hot round stock just as you see here on the anvil




~~~~~~ After shaping the feather Walter hand hammers the details that mark the feather~~~~~~


Each work is unique and your purchase will bring to you the feather you see shown here. 

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