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  • Forged iron treble clef wall hook 15 inches long. Strong decorative brown hardware.
  • Our forged treble clefs are available as wall art or as a strong wall hook in brown or deep red finish
  • Our warm brown finish is a lovely earth tone that blends with any other color or decor and perfect for this music inspired hardware
  • The tail of the treble clef is perfect for adding a functional twist to create a strong beautiful wall hook.
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Walter Forge

Treble Clef Wall Hook Hand Forged in Warm Brown

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Forged Iron Treble Clef With a Purpose

This music inspired wall hook is very strong and will hold most anything you need to hang. The fishtail hook is fabric friendly for coats and hats and very pretty visually. 


They are approximately 15 inches long and 7 inches wide. Careful attention was taken to make sure the treble clef was correctly proportioned. Walter is a musician as well as a talented Blacksmith. Treble Clefs have a special meaning for us and are often referred to in our neck of the woods as the Sacred Harp, a symbol of shape note singing. The solid iron stock is heated to cherry red and hammered into a procession of bends and turns that result in a beautifully finished piece of artisan iron hardware.

These are wonderful gifts that provide Joy and function to whomever hangs them on their wall.

We use translucent earth tone patinas to high light the character marks of the process. 

    Warm Brown is just a great color. It goes with any decor and just has that wonderful organic tone. We achieve this color by using a mix of non acid dye oxide patina stains with a water based binder that contains rust inhibitors, environmentally friendly and has low VOC. We are old hippies and this is important to us!

    This is followed by layers of brown beeswax that are cured and hand buffed to a hardened protective seal. The depth of the color depends on how many layers are applied. We choose to use these patinas because they are translucent and show all the character marks of the forging process of the ironwork. 

    Care for hand forged iron is very simple

    Try to use and store in a low humidity environment. Polish your artisan hardware with a bees wax based polish to condition and protect the surface from natural moisture in the air. Just spray a micro fiber cloth and give it a quick buffing! We recommend Bees Wax Spray from Lehman Brothers that is an excellent product, fairly priced and will last a long time. 

    Maybe you don't need a hanger but would enjoy a forged piece of wall art, we have the symbols that can be enjoyed just for all they represent to you.


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