Decorative Accents

Its the Accents that catch the Eye!

Art and accents should be used to draw the eye to a focal point in your space. The piece should highlight a small point while enhancing a larger visual area. Walter forges exact replica's of natures work that are at home anywhere. They represent no specific style or color palette yet they are "just perfect" for so many finishing touches.

Work that doesn't call for artistic forgings bring out the analytical blacksmith and the hammer creates unique pieces in traditional styles both American and European. Art Deco lines make beautiful iron design. 

Each of these items are unique. Though they may be similar in design the fingerprint of the artist and process will be different on each piece. Color tones have the same unique variations. The iron has a lot of say so in the finished patina. Replication of a process does not mean it will look the same color twice.  

If you see the perfect thing for your decor don't wait until its gone! 

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