Fire Place Pokers and Tools

Well Made Tools For Your Hearth

🌾Walter’s hand forged Fire Tools are thoughtfully made to last for many seasons of fire tending. Made to be comfortable in your hand, we use solid iron stock big enough to take care of the job. The Forge Poker Pikes are hammered and tempered for strength and durability. Graceful curves are actually the perfect angle to give you log control. You can push and pull logs into place with less flying embers. 

   🌾.Our Braided Handle Fire Place Tools have become our best selling iron work for many years. We offer these in a variety of sizes to suit your personal fire tending requirements. We always have a bit of a waiting list. Pre-orders are shipped in order received. We appreciate your patience by making sure you receive a well made tool that feels good in your hand. Made To Last. Made To Pass.

**One of a kind tools are listed in the ready to ship collection when available.