Fire Place Poker with Scroll Handle Forged to 35 inches

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Quality is Our Standard at Walter Forge 

 In addition to our decorative line of artisan fire tools from Walter Forge we have a foundation line of quality tools. Forged from solid round iron stock they feature a 3 inch scroll handle that provides a comfortable grip.

The Pikes, or business end of the poker, are hammered out into a long taper and the iron is then forged back into itself in a design that allows for pushing and pulling of logs in the fire. Pikes are then tempered or dipped into cool water while cherry red, to strengthen the working end of this tool that is meant to be a work horse.

Functional Design That Pleases The Eye

Our Forged Fire Pokers are finished in a warm brown patina that will darken with age and use. The solid iron stock is strong and is forged to provide you with many seasons of use. A durable pike and a comfortable handle make for an heirloom quality tool.

Care is as easy as occasional polishing with a bees wax based furniture polish. Lehman Catalog has a wonderful spray bees wax that is the perfect maintenance product for conditioning your iron investment.

Custom sizes can be ordered. Just send us your request and we will contact you to make sure we know exactly what your needs are and what you can expect from us. 

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Our Price includes $65 for your hand forged fireplace tool and $10 Flat Rate Shipping anywhere in the US.

    *Hand forged by artist blacksmith Walter Howell. Crafted by skilled hands with pride of workmanship in USA.

    Made to Last. Made to Pass.

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