Traditional Scroll Handle Fire Poker 30" Long

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Our No Frills, Just Quality, Fireplace Poker

Some folks just need a good tool. A tool that is used often needs to be up to the job and feel good in your hand. This traditional design certainly meets those needs.

The Scroll is a classic blacksmith technique used for hundreds of years in practical and decorative design. It gives the hand a grip that curves naturally to the shape of the hand. It also provides an easy way to hang your poker. 

Forged from solid Iron Stock it is made to last for many seasons of fire tending. The Pike or business end of the fireplace tool is hand forged to a taper that is then hammered back into itself and tempered for strength end durability. The graceful curve is designed to both push and pull your logs into place with more control.

This 30" Fire Poker is a good size for small fire pits, standard size home fireplaces and outdoor living spaces. It is finished in the Standard Forge Brown finish unless otherwise requested.

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