Fire Pit Poker with Suede Handle Forged to 47 inches

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Forged to Handle Large Logs with Style

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Our Top selling style of Fire Poker 47 Inches in length. The comfort grip handle is braided in a soft suede wrap that pleases both the eye and the hand.

Forged from strong solid iron stock, the pike, or business end of the poker is designed to push and pull your logs. The end is drawn and hammered back into itself. This process strengthens the iron. It is then slowly lowered while cherry red hot into a tub of cool water. This process is known as quenching. All of the processes work to give you a fire poker that will last for many seasons and is user friendly in both feel and function. A Fire Pit Poker is first and foremost a heavy duty tool. This Poker is forged to be the last one you ever have to purchase.

 We can help you get the Fire Tool you need

If you aren't sure what size poker you need, take a moment to read Fire Pokers 101 on the Forge Blog. It has good advice to point you in the right direction. Your purchase of this 47 inch solid iron fire poker with a traditional twist in the barrel will provide you with a Fire Pit tool that is an investment worth making. 

 Care for your custom iron work is easy

Our Pit Pokers are finished in a warm brown patina with protective coatings of brown bees wax. Maintain your iron work by polishing occasionally with a bees wax based furniture polish. We recommend a spray bees wax from Lehman Brothers that is high quality and lasts a good long time. You can check it out for your self by clicking the link. Any bees wax based furniture polish will work to condition and maintain your forged iron work.

Custom lengths and personal consideration are what we do best.

Take a look at the other lengths and styles we have available for purchase. If you have wrist issues or are moving extremely large logs, you may also want to take a look at out Key Ring Handle Fire Pit Poker. This large scroll has a very user friendly grip.

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