Fire Place Tool with Key Ring Handle Forged to 30 Inches

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Forged Iron Fire Poker with a User Friendly Grip

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The Walter Forge Key Ring Handle is a unique design that will make your fire tending a little easier.

Our Key Ring handle was designed to be an asset to those who burn larger logs and those who have wrist or thumb issues. The shape of the handle changes the angle of your grip and is vey comfortable in your hand as you work the fire. The pikes are designed to give you more control as you move your wood and reduce the amount of flying embers.

Our Fire Tools are forged from solid steel stock and tempered during the process to ensure strength and durability. We want this to be the last one you have to buy. Your great grandchildren will think it was a very good investment. 

This 30 Inch Fire Place Poker is the perfect size for indoor fire places and small to medium fire pits. If you aren't sure exactly what you need there is some information that might be helpful over on our Wit and Wisdom Blog. The finish is a warm brown patina.

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