Fire Tongs - Hand Forged, Heavy Duty

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 Fire Tongs From Walter Forge are made to be strong and user friendly 

Our Fire Tongs are hand forged and riveted and require a full day at the forge to produce.

The design which has been around a while enables you to move logs with out having to squeeze to hold on. You know from the minute you pick them up that these are a quality tool up to the task and made to last. The difference in the tool at the Forge is the size of the iron stock that we use and that each joint on our tongs is hand riveted. They are quenched to temper the iron for added strength. The quality of our tools far exceeds anything you will find from big box makers.

The braided suede handles are a Walter Forge exclusive design.

The soft suede makes for a very comfortable and easy grip when in use. Our fire tools need to be held and seen to really be appreciated. I can use lots of words but you have to hold it and use it before you say Wow, these really are good quality tools. If you are not happy we will make it right or take it back. 

Care for your forged iron tools is simple and easy

Our fire tongs are treated with rust resistors but will require occasional wiping with a beeswax based polish for humidity protection and to preserve the finish. The tongs are in a natural brushed silver finish. The metal will darken naturally with use.

We recommend that you maintain your custom tool by polishing with a               bees wax based furniture polish. Lehman Brothers polish featured in our link is a great product but any bees wax based polish will condition your iron.

They vary slightly in size but are approximately 32" when opened wide and 36" when closed.

Your investment $120 with $15 Shipping anywhere in the continental US

You will want to take look at our braided handle fire tools that are forged with the same style and quality as these Fire Tongs.

Forged by Southern Maker, Artist Blacksmith Walter Howell of Walter Forge. Handmade by skilled hands with pride of workmanship in the USA.

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