Steel Life Sculptures

Nature Inspired Steel Life Art

As Walter's skills evolved and the hands became seasoned in his gift, it was art that brought him the most joy. He was drawn to nature inspired subjects from the very start. The native flora and fauna of the south provided daily sights to inspire and replicate. These country scenes that brought us peace and joy seem to be able to do the same for others frozen in iron. 

The artist creates a steel life scene by forging each element an hammer stroke at a time. An artist will take the time to include small details and always works with both the little things and the big picture in mind. This artist seeks to bring his pieces to life. 

Please contact us if you are interested in a piece of Walter's work. Conversation is welcome.


Current Sculptures in our Gallery

"Meet Me at the Tree House"

A Memory Tree dedicated to a time of innocence where dreams were big and futures bright.

"Which Way to the Singing"

A Forged Iron Tribute to the tradition of "Sunday Singings".

"Trumpet the Mornings Glory"

A Sand Hill Crane trumpets his call as he searches for a mate among the cat tails on the riverbank.



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