Steel Life Sculptures

Forged Steel Life Sculpture

 Blacksmith Walter Howell hammer sculpts works that replicate natures designs. From full trees to single leaves each work is a realistic iron replication of the world around us. With an eye for the small details and a love of things that live around us here in this place we call home, Walter creates scenes from our world with fire and hammer.  

While botanical subjects are this artist favorites his commissioned works have had a wide range of diversity. He always enjoys a challenge and the opportunity to use the gift he has been given.
We Prefer to speak directly with those who have an interest in one of Walter's Show Pieces. Please browse the Gallery pages for works currently available.
You will find a collection of unique works below that can be purchased here in the Forge Gallery Shop.

Current Sculptures in our Gallery

"Meet Me at the Tree House"

A Memory Tree dedicated to a time of innocence where dreams were big and futures bright.

"Which Way to the Singing"

A Forged Iron Tribute to the tradition of "Sunday Singings".

"Trumpet the Mornings Glory"

A Sand Hill Crane trumpets his call as he searches for a mate among the cat tails on the riverbank.



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