Beautiful Art and Good Books

Antique Art 

Antique art has so much value that isn't measured in dollars. Early American art in particular captured history for us in a time before photography was a readily available form of recording events. The talents of artist have blessed us throughout time by sharing the fruit of their skills. Well suited for decor of all styles I hope you find something to hang right over there...

Good Books

📖   The true keepers of knowledge. Fragile materials long outlast the maker and the writer. Moved by hand through time. The secrets of life have all been written. Your task is to read until you find the one you are looking for.

📖   You will find here a collection of books on a menagerie of topics and some about nothing in particular. I hope you will find something you will enjoy and maybe begin a new passed along journey for wisdom in paper and ink. No electricity or signal needed.