Botanical Watercolor Print of American Holly

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Vintage Floral of an American Holly

Soft muted colors and beautiful detail provide a realistic rendition of this favorite evergreen. Its bright red berries and connection with the deep season of winter are part of our memories.

It blooms when the rest of nature is asleep and provides the eye with some much needed green foliage in the dead of winter. This native version was chosen by the Smithsonian Institute as one of 17 in a collection of botanical watercolors that could be purchased at the museum in the mid 60's. These were purchased on a family trip and carefully preserved in their original envelope for all these years. It provided much needed protection for the paper and they are in very good condition.

This American Holly Print has a thick soft Ivory paper background with rich colors. There is no foxing around the edges of the paper. There are no tears or folds. The paper is very clean. The vintage print is 12 x 9 inches. The back is blank. There is no signature or date on the print. 

I have only one copy of the American Holly available for purchase. Your cost includes carefully packed Shipping and all applicable fees inside the US. Contact me for charges to other areas.

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