Vintage Musical Powder Box, 1950 Coty

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Wonderful 1950's Vanity Box

If you are decorating a nursery in a vintage style or a guest bedroom with a touch of the past I may have something just perfect.

In the 1950's Coty made these wonderful face powder boxes that were also music boxes that played wonderful classics and tunes that were heard on the radio at the time. There were some very simple in design and others that were decorated with more artistic features. This box has a quaint porcelain figure on top of an infant angel among gifts. Maybe this was a piece for an expectant mother. The ceramic work is in very good condition.

I have seen these in 3 different sizes. This music box is 5 inches in diameter and stands 5 inches tall with the lid on.

This box seems to missing its bottom. I think there was a bottom band with feet that is missing. You cannot sit the piece down with out sitting it on the turn key. The key is in good condition and the music box STILL PLAYS the tune Tango Bleu. It will need a creative base or some feet added but it looks so lovely sitting on a table or shelf.

There are still memories left in this music box.

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