Collection: Hearth Sets

Tools and Accessories for Indoor and Outdoor Fire Places

🌾Your fire tool needs will depend on how you use your fire. One size does not fit all! Walter enjoys creating forged hardware that fits individual needs and preferences. Space and environment call for an artistic touch to a utilitarian tool. We usually start with too many questions as we "forge" an idea before Walter creates that idea with fire and hammer. It is a process satisfying to both the maker and the user. 

🌾Walter’s hand forged Fire Tools are thoughtfully made to last for many seasons of fire tending. Made to be comfortable in your hand, we use solid iron stock big enough to take care of the job. 

🌾The Forge Poker Pikes are hammered and tempered for strength and durability. Graceful curves are actually the perfect angle to give you log control. You can push and pull logs into place with less flying embers. 

🌾Your Ash Shovel takes a lot of abuse. The pans must be able to withstand the heat and the corrosiveness of the ash and embers. Walter fabricates his own pans and hand rivets the corners and handles.

🌾Our hearth brooms are hand tied by maker Lenton Williams. The beautiful brooms are made to be used and can easily be replaced as they twist on and off. 

🌾Care instructions are under the Need To Know page in the menu. Its Quick and simple to maintain your iron work.

🌾Indoor and outdoor hearths have found need for a variety of fire tending gadgetry. Along with tools to tend the flame there is need for hangers, racks and hooks. 

Conversation is free of charge! Send us a message and If you don’t see what you need? Tell us about it, we can make that too!


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