Hearth Broom with a 30 Inch Forged Handle

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 A Hearth Broom will keep things looking good around your Fire Place

Our Hearth Brooms look too pretty to use, but they are made for the job intended.

The hand forged handle is designed for a comfortable grip. The soft braiding on the handle adds a nice accent and softens the edges of the metal. The barrel has a traditional black smith twist and the iron has a deep brown patina. This 30 inch ash broom is a very good size for your indoor fire place.

The replaceable broom head easily screws on and off when worn or you forget to let the coals cool off. Replacement heads are $30.00 including shipping. 

Many of our customers purchase their fireplace set in pieces. The addition of our matching braided handle ash shovel and the 30 inch braided handle fire poker will give you a set of fireplace tools that will last for many seasons of fire tending.

Sold Out for Delivery in Time For Christmas. We can provide a gift certificate for an early January delivery.

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    * Hand forged by artisan blacksmith Walter Howell Crafted by skilled hands with pride of workmanship in the USA. 

    Made to Last. Made to Pass.

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