4 Piece Hand Artisan Forged Fire Tool Set

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“Iron Roots" Hammer Sculpted Fire Place Tool Set

This original design from Walter Howell is a statement piece as well as a quality set of tools for your use and enjoyment. The artistic base of the "tree" stand has 4 roots that have grown to provide the stability needed for a tree to grow for hundreds of years. The trunk is made using several forging techniques that include a process called upsetting the metal. The top rises up and branches out in a Phoenix design to represent the continuing cycle of life among the branches of the tree. The branches serve as a rack for the fire poker, shovel, broom and roasting fork that are included in the tool set. The handles are fashioned in a long wrapped taper that adds graceful curves to the ordinarily sharp lines of metal. The finish is layers of colored bees waxes that have been buffed to a hard protective, translucent coating.


  • This custom stand is approximately 38 inches in height and 19 inches wide. The base is about 16 x 16 inches square. The fire tools are approximately 29 inches in length.
  • This Fireplace Tool Set is eligible for our Lay Away Plan. You can find all the needed information on our FAQ page. Paypal financing is also available to our clients who have a paypal account.
  • Care and Maintenance

*Hand forged by artisan black smith Walter Howell. Created by skilled hands with pride of workmanship.

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