"Warm Mornings" Fire Place Stand and Tool Set

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Artisan Fire Tool Set for Small Spaces and Small Budgets

"Warm Mornings" is a Walter Forge Forged Fire Tool design made with some assets that make it a more budget friendly piece of artisan made Iron Work.

First it assembles from 4 individually forged solid Iron pieces. 2 nuts and washers and 2 hand made hooks lock the base, uprights and rack tightly into place. The collapsible design saves as much as $100 on shipping costs!

The base design with wide feet and bracing sits well on uneven surfaces. The 16 x 20 inch size gives the the stand stability for an otherwise top heavy piece of equipment. There are two holes for mounting your upright post. The base patina is a layer of hand applied bronze with several coats of translucent brown seal.

The upright posts are hand forged to hold your fire tool rack. The bottom is threaded for the washer and nuts that are provided to secure and lock your posts in to the base. The top of the uprights have a hole to hold the rack. The finish on the uprights is a deep Warm Wood Brown color. 

The top rack is a Solid Brushed Steel Bar with hand wrapped hooks for your tools. The finish is a translucent shade of the base Brown Color. It gives and aged look to the metal and provides contrast that matches the forge Fire Tongs that are in a natural steel color. There are 2 forged pins provided. Drop them into the holes on the rack located on the outside of the uprights to lock the rack tightly into place.

Your Tool Set includes a pair of the Walter Forge Heavy Duty Fire Place Tongs. A 36" Hand Made Ash Shovel and a 36" Forged Fire Poker. All the Tool Handles are Braided with a soft Blonde Suede. The Braiding softens the edges if the metal and give a very comfortable grip as you work with the Tools. The last piece is a hand tied hearth Broom made by artisan broom maker Lenton Williams. The Brooms vary from 15 to 18 inches in length and can be hung on either side of your fire stand by matching braiding and a loop.

At $490.00 this heirloom quality set is well worth the investment. Shipping is not included in this price but billed individually when your set is ready for shipment. The easy to assemble Set ships in 2 boxes USPS Priority Shipment. Shipping averages $50 to $75 depending on location and final weight. Ship Time on this set is approximately 6 to 8 weeks at this time. Order early for Fall Delivery.

This set is also eligible for our 6 month No Fee Lay-Away Plan. You can visit the Lay Away Page in the footer for more details and contact us for information and answers to questions. 

A Made to Last. Made to Pass, original ironwork from Walter Forge.

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