Antique Dazey Butter Churn Circa 1920's

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Dazey Butter Churn No. 40 Still Working!

Dazey Butter Churns became a standard in homes during the 1920's. Earlier models were larger and a kitchen size model was perfect for making fresh butter as you needed it. 

There were many upgrades and reproductions made as time passed. This top is an original 1920's model. It has all the correct things to look for in an original model. 
The handle is attached with a steel rivet. As are the workings to the lid. Later models were not steel. The iron castings are hallmarked with markings that were only on the original castings. The iron has a shallow layer of rust but will clean up very nice if preferred. All of the cogs have teeth and the paddles turn very smoothly. The 2 paddle churning wheel is maple, another indicator of originality. 

As many of these churns did, this top has lost its original bottom. Sears and several other companies made replacements bottoms that are identifiable by glass and markings. Broken jugs were common in butter making! Original vessels and replacements can be found depending on your preferences. Lehman Brothers carries new replacement jugs for around $20. Originals are much higher depending on their condition and age.

I am looking for bottoms but for now I will offer this churn top as is for someone who may already have the bottom container. The top takes a 5" ID Lid.

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From the Time Keepers Cottage Vintage Kitchen Collection

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