Hand Carved Wooden Serving Utensils

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Tropical Themed Utensils with a Whimsical Toucan

  Utensils and vessels hand made are passed along and long outlast the maker.
Wood workers add the touch of an artists hand. Here we have a set of salad utensils that will become a focal point on a summer table.


The whimsical handles of the cocobolo spoon and spork feature the profile of a toucan bird highlighted by contrasting brown and blonde wood grains.

The 11 1/2 inch wooden tools are well made from split resistant Cocobolo.

The serving set is perfect for summer tables. They are just lovely in a bowl of fresh greens and certainly catch the eye of guests.

Do you need a gift for an upcoming shower or house warming? Artisan made things represent thoughtful giving because they are always purchased with a specific person in mind. Gifts that be given to Male or Female Friends are good to keep on hand for times when quick shopping isn't an option!

I only have 1 set of these hand carved wooden utensils left.

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Made to Last. Made to Pass.From the Time Keepers Cottage Vintage and Handmade Curation