Well Made Stanley Steel Thermos

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32oz. Stanley Thermos Very Good Condition

There was a time when things were made with pride of workmanship. On purpose, without a second thought. It was the way American workers preformed their skills. But the consumer only wanted cheaper and the lack of economic support gave rise to a new generation of disposable products that are poorly made. Things like Stanley products are a fine example. After all these years this Thermos has withstood the test of time and is ready for another cup full!

The Thermos is the standard Stanley Green, with a stainless steel cup and base. The diffuser is in very good shape. The cup and diffuser are both very clean. The glass liner is also clean and in good condition. Handle hardware is tight and clean.

The jug is 32Oz. The bottom is clearly marked with directions and care instructions. It was manufactured in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Made to Last. Made to Pass!

Only one on the Time Keeper Cottage Shelf!

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