Wonderful Flower Frog and Candle Holder Water Lily Vase

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Vintage Floral Centerpiece Water Lily Flower Frog

This beautiful vintage vase was a surprise in a box of passed along treasures. The bowl on the top that caught my eye was just a crumb leading to oohs and awwwww at the bottom of the box. 

This metal bowl I think at one time was brass or silver in tone. It has a wonderful red tarnish that is consistent almost all the way around the bowl that highlights the embossed veining of the leaves that form the bowl. It clearly states no silver polish on the bottom. The Patina on the Frog is consistent with the bowl reflecting a lovely rose gold color. 

The Flower Bowl is bordered by 3 scalloped candle cups that are embossed with the same texture as the bowl. The legs and candle cups are not metal but a resin material. The piece itself is in wonderful condition with no damage I could find.

The overall size is approximately 6 1/2 inches in diameter. The bowl is 5 1/4 inches in diameter. The candle cups stand about 7 inches high. 

These vintage Flower Frogs offer a perfect creative base for your arrangement of flowers or objects of wonder. This is a fancy one indeed! 

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From the Time Keepers Vintage Vanity Collection

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