Fork In The Road

Fork In The Road

Revelations and Evolution

Forging Iron has been an ever changing adventure. As Walter's skills evolved so did our product line. The needs of our customers also changed with an appreciation for quality artisan made works. More and more our work list included original custom pieces that required more forge time. We have also found that becoming a master at something means you are old enough to be slowing down.

Forging is the opposite of everything we are today. Nothing is instant or a click away. We appreciate that folks are willing to wait for months on Walter's work. It is very humbling.

Walter is now booked for months in advance. We are taking our standard stock items off for a while because there is no time to replenish the shelves. Walter will be making things as bigger things cool off and we will list those items in the Ready To Ship Collection on the Home page as they are available.

We are also adding a variety of products to our line for your consideration. I have collections of artisan handmade pieces and well made antiques ready to be passed on to needing hands. It is an eclectic mix of functional and whimsical. 

We would love for you to sign up for an account to receive notices about availability of products and to see what is new on the shelf. You will also receive VIP discounts that are only for our supporters.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Walter's work and our small business.

Rhonda and Walter

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Read your blog on the finishing techniques for Walter’s steel—you are right-takes a lot of time and trials to get the right tone/finish. You are spot-on about beeswax—There are many who are rediscovering the protective properties of this—Many sellers advocate the addition of Carnauba wax to the beeswax base—in my experience, this is not good for forged steel—-it is way too hard, and tends to crack off—-taking the protective beeswax with it. An excellent addition is Pure Gum Turpentine to the beeswax—it tends to dissolve the beeswax under heat to make a fine patina-ed, satin finish, doing exactly what you said—ie filling the fine porous surface of forged steel—-sure, it needs to be re-treated periodically—but no different than taking care of your cast iron cookware—-
There is a family business in Ga. that makes(in my opinion) the best pure gum turpentine on the planet—they are:—-check out the site—I bet Walter could make a perfect Rosin Baked Potato container-a good addition to the tripod camp cooking irons—-

Gary Stilwell

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