Winter Time Blues and Feb. News

Winter Time Blues and Feb. News

The Month for Making Plans

Its time to do all the preparation for the next 10 months of the year. Some things have deadlines and others just take a while. Time drags and flies at the same time.

We will start with letting you know that The Time Keepers Cottage has come home to the Forge. Just in time for unique Valentines gifts, the Time Keepers Cottage is at the Forge and adding new vintage, handmade and fair trade items for you to share and purchase. You will find the link on the far left hand end of the menu bar.

Porcelain butterflies vintage 1960's decor. Prefect for craft and refurbishing projects.

Vintage Porcelain Butterflies 

There is still plenty of winter to contend with. It’s time to replace those cheaply made fireplace tools with something of quality you can pass to your grandchildren. We have a few of our fireplace pokers and tools left in stock ready to ship. 

Scroll handle fire poker forged from solid iron and made to last for many seasons.

 Traditional Scroll Handle Fire Place Poker

We have 1 each of our Cranberry Red Wall Art Treble Clef pieces and our Cranberry Red Treble Wall Hooks left to be shipped in time for a thoughtful gift before the 14th. Price includes 3 Day Priority Shipping. Just click that link before someone else does!

Forged iron treble clef wall art in Cranberry Red

 Forged Iron Treble Clef Cranberry Red


Hammer sculpted Feather by artist blacksmith Walter Howell

Hammer Sculpted Iron Feather 

Looking Forward

After a wonderful 2 month exhibit at the Carnegie Visual Arts Center we have some of Walter’s sculptures here at the forge. We always welcome visitors who come to see the process and spend a little time on our front porch. Send a text to 706-618-9426 and let us know what time you would like to come and how many are in your group. We will be in touch promptly.

custom forged iron handle for farmhouse door. quality hand made hardware

Forged Steel Handle with Traditional Twist

Custom Forged Hardware

Farmhouse doors and repurposed antique doorways are rarely suited for modern hardware. New styles don’t fit. Hardware suited to the wood and architectural design of your door can solve both fit and decor issues. Handles and hinges can be forged in traditional simple lines or forged in ornamental designs that incorporate your favorite elements. Made to Order Hinges are a great solution for heavy doors. We would enjoy talking with you about what you would like to have and conversation is free around here. Send us a note with your phone number and the best time to call you back. Walter always has his hands full so a call back works well for him and we promise not to take to long!

Hands On at the Forge

Walter and I both come from a long line of makers. We have always encouraged folks to try everything that interest you at least once. You may be a natural at something but you won’t know until your hands get a chance do the work. If you think you would enjoy forging we offer several options for you to explore that possibility.

First I have an article on the blog that gives you a ground work understanding of what the craft is about. The second thing I recommend is to come and spend a couple of hours at the Forge to meet with Walter and get a feel for the place and equipment. Third I highly recommend the class before you begin buying equipment. Study with Walter is one on one and ensures you get the most knowledge for your class investment.

Legacy group demonstration

The Legacy Group provides teachers with learning opportunities 

Walter offers a Full Beginners Class that can be scheduled as a 3 day event or 6 half day classes. A 16 to 18 hour class is $450.00. He also offers a 1 day workshop dedicated to specific skills or projects. These are priced according to process and number of attendees. We try to be very flexible with scheduling and class focus. We understand that time and dollars spent to learn a craft are a precious investment and we want you to leave feeling like it was well worth the effort. Contact us for more discussion about the learning process.

We hope you stay warm. Visit with us often just to say Hello!

Keep on Sparking! The Howells

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