Collection: Forged Ironwork

Iron is an Investment in Quality and Timeless Decor

🌾 As a natural element of the earth iron somehow pairs with other natural materials. Wood and Iron compliment each other like a hand and a foot. The unlikely pairing of iron and glass results in functional and artful items. 

🌾 But it must be placed into the hands of a skilled craftsman to become a thing of usefulness or beauty. When you look back through time many things made of iron, even tools, were artful in design and pride of workmanship was apparent. Its hard work, not taken lightly by those with skills.

🌾 Walter creates items that look good while they are at work. They are made to last. That means you need to like it a lot! We take that as a challenge! Most pieces here are one of a kind. As we wind things down on the site I recommend you don't wait too long if something is a good fit for your need.