Care and Maintenance Instructions for Ironwork

Care of your forged ironwork.

🌾There are some basic maintenance information that will help you keep your ironwork conditioned. Care is very easy.

🌾First we recommend dry storage whenever your iron is not in use. High humidity and moisture will cause surface rusting.

🌾Maintain your protective finish by polishing with a microfiber cloth and a bees wax based furniture polish. We use a product from Lehman Brothers Catalog that is a spray bees wax made for conditioning heirloom ironwork and antique woods. It last a good long time and is $20 a can. Polish as needed according to conditions. Always spray your rag, not your ironwork.

🌾Should heavy rusting occur. Clean your iron with boiled linseed oil and reapply a coat of wax polish. A little bit of linseed oil goes a long way! Use just a dab on a cloth adding as needed. Then wipe down with a dry rag. Use old rags and toss after use.

🌾 Fire tools.
The business end is going to turn black. The finish will darken with time and use.

🌾Cooking tools should be oven seasoned. Grease lightly with vegetable shortening or olive oil. Place in a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes and turn off the oven. Allow to cool slowly in the oven.

🌾 Artwork and acents. Polish with a microfiber cloth sprayed lightly with a beeswax based furniture polish. We recommend a spray bees wax from Lehman Brothers that is an excellant conditioner and preservative.