Hearth Hardware

Fire Screens, Fire Grates and Hardware for your Fire Place

🌾One size just doesn’t fit all any more when it comes to gathering around the fire. Personal preferences range from those who just poke around to those who are serios dutch oven chefs. Peoviding you with tools and hardware that gives you exactly what you want is what we do best.

🌾Our Fire Screens are custom made to fit your hearth. Clients can have say so in their design, making each one unique. We offer a very classic standard design that is often used as a base for more decorative elements. But that is just a starting point. Contact us for Free quotes on your artisan fire screen.

🌾Our Fire Grates are made to last. Forged from 1” solid steel square stock, they will not warp with heat. They are very heavy and have been given names by our clients like, Bubba and The Beast! Each grate is forged to fit your firebox to burn efficiently reducing ash and ember as well as better heat out out. Our Fire Grates are priced at $110.00 a foot. Measure your firebox width wise across the front and rear. Then measure the height of your fire box. Send us these logistics and we can give you an exact quote on your grate. Because they are so heavy they have to ship motor freight. Exact shipping charges will depend on final weight and destination. Local pick up is always the best option if you are close enough.

🌾Walter forges beautiful mantle brackets and hardware for this focal point in your home. We have Fire Cranes for your indoor hearth and tripods for outdoor pits. We love conversations that start with “ if I could have what I wanted I would have.....”. Be ause we can make that too!

🌾Send your request and a phone number. Walter doesnt “talk” on the computer and prefers to speak with you directly to ensure you get what you need. No charge for conversation!


Our fire screens are made to please the eye and last for many seasons                       Walter Forge offers a range of finishes.




custom forged mantle brackets from Walter Forge