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Walter Forge

Fire Place Poker * Suede Handle * 30 inches

Fire Place Poker * Suede Handle * 30 inches

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Walter Forge - 30" Braided Handle Fire Poker 


🌾When Walter began to forge Fire Tools for home use his first objective was to make a tool that would be the last one you ever have to buy. The decision was made to use a solid iron stock big enough to handle the heat and wear that comes with fire tending. 

🌾The design needed to serve its function with efficiency and be comfortable in the hands of the user. This resulted in a pike on the business end that will push and pull your logs to where you need them to be with more control. Less falling and flying embers! The tip is hammered out and forge welded back into itself at a high temperature. After the pike is hand shaped it is plunged while cherry red into a vat of water in a process called quenching. This hardens the steel and tempers the tool for strength. This is a timeless process. In 20 years we have never had a pike break. All of these assets solved our goals for efficient function. 

🌾Next came a well thought handle design

🌾Walter forged a closed scroll and doubled the size of the steel at the grip, making it much easier to hold. The stout handle provides weight and balance to the Poker. We then softened the feel of the edges in your hand by wrapping the handle in a soft suede that is braided down one side and provides a lovely contrast to the Traditional Warm Brown Patina of Walter Forge Fire Tools.

🌾This 30 inch size is our most frequently purchased for several reasons. It is   well suited for the indoor hearth and a small to medium outdoor fire pit. The length and weight make it a very user friendly size. 

🌾Wood Brown is our signature finish on our hand made fireplace tools and accessories. It is a very natural earthy tone that goes well with all colors and blends easily into any decor. In time the patina naturally darkens and we can promise the working end is going to be black. 

🌾Care of your Custom Iron Work

🌾Maintain your Forged  Iron Work by polishing it occasionally with a bees wax based furniture polish. We recommend dry storage for all of your iron tools. Should rusting occur, clean your Poker with boiled linseed oil.  TIP - a little goes a long way!   Lehman Brothers Catalog sells a spray bees wax that is wonderful for iron and wood. 

You can find some good information to help you choose the correct tool for your needs over in the Wit and Wisdom Blog


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