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Scroll Top Fire Tool Set with 2 Roasting Forks and Fire Place Tools

Scroll Top Fire Tool Set with 2 Roasting Forks and Fire Place Tools

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Artisan Forged Scroll Top Fire Place Tool Set 

🌾Hand made with skill and dedication to quality this 5 Piece Fire Place Tool set features simple lines that give way to graceful curves that soften the metal and add elegant accent to a strong work horse of a tool set. The forged iron set includes 2 Scroll Handle Grilling Forks, an Ash Shovel, a Fire Poker and a Hand Tied Hearth Broom.

Scroll handles and shepards hook give a classic elegant look to this 5 piece fire tool set with stand

🌾 The Hearth Stand is forged from heavy stock and is designed to be easy to move and stable on the base. It is approximately 36 inches tall and 12 to 15 inches in diameter. The Scroll hangers hold a 32 inch set of heirloom quality fire tools.

🌾 The Scroll Handle Fire Poker has a pike designed to push and pull the logs and is quenched for added strength and durability.

🌾 The Hand Crafted Broom has Walter's hand forged handle and a broom made by master broom maker Lenton Williams. The replaceable broom heads screw off and on easily and are meant to be used....On Cold Ashes!

🌾 Walter hand crafts his own shovel pans, hand riveting each connection using sturdy stock. This set has 2 roasting forks in the double tine design. 

A stable base provides storage for 5 hand crafted fire tools from Walters Forge 

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