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Alfred Meakin English Ironstone Vegetable Dish with Lid

Alfred Meakin English Ironstone Vegetable Dish with Lid

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Vintage Copper Luster Tea Leaf Iron Stone Vegetable 

I have a particular love for this pattern of Ironstone. Bambi's China Cabinet was filled with an heirloom set that came out for family gatherings and special occasions. When the time to pass them down came another cousin got the tea leaf and I got the Spode Buttercup which still sits in the same China cabinet in my house.

The beautiful luster glaze along with a simple art nouveau style of artwork made them such a classy set fit for special occasions. This vegetable bowl has a lid that is in very good condition while the bottom vessel shows more wear and much heavier crazing. At some point two that had lost their original mates found each other! There are a few minor chips along a couple of the feet and one along the bowl rim. There are no cracks. 

The handles on this bowl are the Bamboo pattern. The vessel is approximately 10 inches in length and 6 inches wide with a 4 1/2 inch deep well. The bowl would make a nice planter or centerpiece. The lid is pretty up on its side and could be repurposed in some new creative way.

The 2 toned aging of the lid and bowl add to the character of the Ironstone and makes me wish I knew its story.


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