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Antique French Ivory Celluloid Powder Box

Antique French Ivory Celluloid Powder Box

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Antique Dresser Box with Lid in Butter Yellow French Ivory

This sweet dresser box is a lovely way to store everything from jewelry to Powder.

This celluloid container from the 1920's has a tight fitting lid and no discoloring of the original french ivory. Celluloid was lighter in weight than Bakelite and resembled the color of natural ivory. These sets had wonderful containers of all shapes and sizes. Many were purchased as gifts for wives and sweethearts before they left for war in the 30's. You can tell they were treasured because they took such good care of them.

This piece is a powder box. Great addition to a collection or as a start of a new one. The antique box is approximately 4 1/2 inches in diameter and about 2 inches deep.

There are a million different uses for this vintage vanity box.


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