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Antique Kings Crown Ruby Glass Tall Compote

Antique Kings Crown Ruby Glass Tall Compote

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Beautiful Lidded Pedestal Jar 

This is a lovely piece of depression era Ruby Glass. This jar is 15 1/2 inches tall and 6 inches in diameter. The sides feature a diamond cut pattern around the bowl and lid. The pedestal has a round bottom with a dimaond cut ball just below the bowl.

It is in mint condition with no chips or cracks. The one owner piece was well taken care of. The red band at the top shines with that gold tint that is a tell tale sign of original ruby glass. 24K Gold powder was used in the process if making the red glass resulting in glints of gold color when the glass is held in the light.

These tall compotes are harder to find than the shorter versions. Your cost includes carefully packed delivery to your location. These pieces have long outlasted the maker and the original owner. Ready for a new chapter in a long story.


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