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Artisan Porcelain Bowl with Hand Painted Peacock on White

Artisan Porcelain Bowl with Hand Painted Peacock on White

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Vintage Collectible Braided White Porcelain from Europe

Artistic treasures are often regional according to makers and availability of materials. The pure white clay used to make white porcelain was one of those materials that gave talented potters from Europe something to amaze us with.

The clay was carefully rolled into long strings that were precisely woven into intricate patterns before it was fired. The process required both skill and the patience of a saint!

The results were beautiful glass baskets of snow white that were then hand painted in bright colors and lovely scenes. Such is this piece form a MOGA artisan from Romania. The peacock has its wonderful feather coat of blues and greens. It proudly stands among pink blossoms. The 5 points of the rim feature a single peacock feather tip.

The bowl is approximately 6 1/2 inches wide and 2 1/2 deep. Carefully protected over the years it is in pristine condition.


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