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Walter Forge

Blacksmithing Coke, For High Temp Forging

Blacksmithing Coke, For High Temp Forging

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Part of the reason we are in Alabama is access to materials Walter needs to practice his craft. Its one of the few areas where we don't have to look far. 

We are offering metallurgical coke for your forging needs. This fuel burns extremely hot and is recommended for a forges with a coke fire pot. Processed in the USA.

At this time we ship only 25 pound boxes. Your coke comes cleaned, bagged and boxed for easy handling. Perfect for smiths needing a higher temp for their forge work. Walter has used this fuel for a good long while. He has been very pleased with the results. 


  • Nut Coke
  • Moisture (as received)         Less than 3.00%
  • Ash (dry basis)                                       11.00%
  • Volatile Matter (dry basis)                      2.50%
  • Fixed Carbon (dry basis)                       86.50%
  • Sulfur (dry basis)                                         .70%
  • Size: approximate 1" x 2-3"

Please contact us to purchase forge coke. Send your zip code and I will respond with your shipping charges. Confirm your order and I will send a custom invoice. Thank-you! 

 *Nugget sizes will vary. Use and best practices included in each box.


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