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Time Keeper Cottage

Blue Cloisonné Butterfly Ear Rings

Blue Cloisonné Butterfly Ear Rings

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Vintage Artisan Cloisonné Jewelry For Your Collection

 Cloisonné is beautiful enameling that is the icing on the artisan work it accents. The colors are always rich and vibrant. They are made to draw the eye and highlight how lovely you look. 

 Butterflies were tailor made for replication in this manner. Rich and vibrant colors are what they do best. This pair of pierced hooks are home to a pretty pair of azure blue butterflies with a mix of pinks and golds. Perfect for summer time out fits. Have you ever seen someone spot a butterfly and not stop just a second to watch it go by?

 The summer time insects are about 1 1/4 inch square in size. The back is a nice patterned gold tone patina in very good condItion.



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