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Complete Antique Sayer Debt System Set

Complete Antique Sayer Debt System Set

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Antique Sayer Collection "Tickler" System

 My goodness sometime things come to you unexpectedly. I love old boxes. Particularly ones with advertising and vintage hardware. I liked that this box opened to the long side. 

The contents were inside but I only did a light inspection of the papers inside assuming there would be old records of some sort. To my surprise I found that I had a "Brand Old" Sayer Printing company accounting system, complete and unused.

 This receivables set was made for collection of credit accounts by small businesses. There is a large set of envelopes with everything from credit applications to monthly statements and reminders. The index cards are there as well as advertising cards all inside a handmade wooden box. It was called a tickler system because it contained the forms for payment reminders. The envelopes are dated 191_, an indication of pre 1920 at least.


Sayer company, was a family owned printing company based in St. Louis, Missouri at the turn of the century. I have found a few of these boxes empty on a rare occasion but never have I found one complete!

What a rare and wonderful piece of vintage merchandising memorabilia!

 The wooden box is approximately 12" x 8" x 6" and made from a light color wood. There is edge wear and it needs a good cleaning. One side of the lid has split and could and should be repaired. The hinge mechanism works well and graphics are clear and in great shape.

 The accounting set includes several hundred account envelopes all containing the original papers and a set of ad cards. There are 12 calendar index cards in blue. The label on the lid guarantees results or your money back!

 If you have a vintage store front this piece needs to be on your counter!

This is a Rare Find for your antique collection!



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