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Forged Pull Handle for Interior Loft Door

Forged Pull Handle for Interior Loft Door

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Iron Pull Handle for Interior Door


🌾 When designing custom hardware Walter often makes several prototypes before the final work is done. He recently created a door handle mechanized for a front entrance. All creative work has to be done before the assembly of the working parts. This pull handle is the design chosen by the client for the final piece. 

 🌾 Walter completed this hardware as an interior pull handle perfect for loft and barn doors. The handle is forged from solid steel stock. The length is 24 inches from top to tip. It is approximately 4 inches at the widest point. The handle extends an 1 1/2 from the door. The traditional forged twist adds graceful lines to the linear handle and gives the piece a comfortable grip in your hand. 

 🌾 The hammered leaves that are the artistic accents play well into most any style of decor. Nature has a way of making ordinary things beautiful. The evolution from door hardware to artwork draws the eye with gently curved vines and hand textured detail.

 🌾 The artisan door handle is finished in several layers of protective clear seal over a brushed silver surface. It requires some polishing time to take the charred black iron to a clean shiny surface. Another wonderful asset to the brushed silver is that the piece can be easily darkened to black, brown or bronze tone should that better suit you decor.

🌾 Conversation is welcome if you think we can make this work for your home. The new loft and barn doors are a perfect canvas for artisan touches that add beauty to your space.

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