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Walter Forge

Hand Forged Steel Vessel

Hand Forged Steel Vessel

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Artisan Forged Steel Bowl

🌾 This piece is a little different from Walter's normal subject matter. Hammering steel into a bowl proved to be a very labor intensive process.  It also turned out to be a work that highlighted the effect that the forging process had on the steel as it was hammered into the finished form. Heat and redistribution of the steel leaves wrinkles, pits and imprints as you go through the process of heat, beat and repeat.

🌾 One of the joys of some mediums is the ability to feel with your fingers textures and properties of the raw materials used. In a much more simple way, I compare it to making biscuits. Feeling the flour and liquid become a workable substance that changes again when heat is added to the process producing air filled pockets that will make your mouth water.

Small works can be very impressive

🌾 The bowl is 8 inches in diameter from rim to rim. It is 2 inches deep with a wide lip. This hammered steel piece is finished with layers of bees wax applied and hand buffed to a protective satin finish that keeps natural humidity in the air from rusting. For its small size it is quite heavy. Your purchase includes a small easel for display in an upright position allowing those who see it to see the wonderful texture and grain.

Care and Preservation

🌾 The bowl should be polished occasionally with a bees wax based polish. We highly recommend a spray bees wax from Lehman Brothers that applied with a microfiber cloth will maintain the wax coating that protects from humidity. It is a high quality, cost effective product that works wonderfully on heirloom ironwork and fine woods.

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