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Handmade Wooden Bucket Circa 1950's

Handmade Wooden Bucket Circa 1950's

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Vintage 4H Project From The Wapsie Whistlers

During the 1950's Miss Mary Reier from Muscatine, Iowa was a member of the Wapsie Whistlers 4H club. One of the many taught crafts was the art of making a wooden firkin. 

Miss Mary's wooden firkin is well made with tight slats. Her name did not bring results but a search for the whistlers brought up an article that included her name and stated she had given a talk on the correct use of measuring cups. I will include a copy of the article with the bucket.

The bucket is a little over 9 inches tall and wide. With the handle up it is about 11 inches. The handle is tight and well made. It has a red brown patina. A sticker on the bottom identifies the maker. 

I am not sure the path of this bucket. It seems to be unused and was probably proudly displayed somewhere. There is surely more to the story with some digging.


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