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Walter Forge

Heavy Duty Fire Pit Poker Hand Forged, 48 inches Long

Heavy Duty Fire Pit Poker Hand Forged, 48 inches Long

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Fall Evenings Call For Fire Tools!


Backyard Fire Pits have become a favorite gathering spot and rightly so! Good food cooked over a good fire under a starlit sky is a great way to spend an evening.

Walter's Fire Pit Poker are thoughtfully designed to be user friendly. The length of 48 inches alone is great because it will keep your knuckles out of the heat. To balance the weight of a long steel poker, Walter forged the handle double width to help with balance and hand comfort aided by soft suede braiding. A traditional forged twist along the long barrel gives a nice look to a utilitarian piece. Walter's curved pike design allows for two edges to push and pull logs into place with more control reducing flying embers and ash. 

The Fire Pit Poker is finished in our signature warm brown patina. Care and maintenance is quick and easy for a tool meant to pass to the next generation. A quick polish with a bees wax based furniture polish will condition your iron and protect it from natural moisture in the air. 


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