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KIGU Bouquet Rouge Pot Circa 1957

KIGU Bouquet Rouge Pot Circa 1957

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Wonderful Unused English Brass Rouge Pot

 From the 1920's through the 1950's ladies compacts were very fashionable. KIGU was an English maker of beautiful artisan pieces. 

This loose powder basket compact is listed as a Type 63 with a perspex insert. The unused insert is intact with its original silk filter screen and compact. All pieces are hallmarked with the Kigu emblem. The insert is marked "Bouquet", the name of the line of Lucite domed tops that protected carved or ribbon flowers on a foil background. This particular style of basket compact was only available in 1956 and 1957.

 The brass basket features machine turned patterns around the perimeter of the compact. It has what was known as a "graceful handle" that has an embossed basket weave design. The brass pots were coated with transparent enamel. The pieces were advertised to never tarnish as long as the enamel was not removed. This pot has 2 tiny spots where the brass has darkened a bit. The original creator was a gentleman named George Kiashek.

 The rouge pot is 2 1/4 inches in diameter and weighs 59.9 grams. 

This is a wonderful decorative piece for a vintage vanity. It represents the beauty and skill of artisan makers of the time. To find one with its puff and filter unused was a joy!

Only 1 available to pass along through time.


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