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Lovely Antique Cameo Slider Pendant, 12K Gold

Lovely Antique Cameo Slider Pendant, 12K Gold

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Beautiful Engraved Cameo in 12K Gold Bezel with 16" Chain

Artisan Antiques leave us little hints about their past. This piece has a named carved on the back of the soft peach shell. I can't quite read the name. I have guessed at Janie and then changed my mind. I am sure at one time it was a very special gift to a special young lady. Perhaps a birthday or a wedding gift.

The bezel is hallmarked 1-20  12K GF. The slider chain hangs approximately 30" in length. The chain loops through 4 rings on the back of the gold pendant. The chain is a  fancy spiral. The tassel at the bottom is 3 lengths of chain with Gold beads on the end.

The carved shell cameo is right facing. It is bordered by rolled gold filigree. She wears no jewelry and wears her hair in a sweep to the back. 

I think she would be so proud to be worn again long after her special gift was made.



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