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Lovely Vintage Cloisonné Round Puff Pendant

Lovely Vintage Cloisonné Round Puff Pendant

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Butterflies and Flowers on a Lovely Cloisonné Puff Pendent

Cloisonné jewelry is such a wonderful treasure from the hand of artisan makers.  The pieces are well made and timeless in design. The subtle earth tones of the enamel are always contrasting with backgrounds and bordered in shiny metals and hardware.

I have a very nice Puff Pendent with multi colored enamel work featuring butterflies and flowers. The scene is surrounded by a light dusty rose border with gold etching. The pendent is double sided and capped 2 gold tone beads attached to a gold tone ball ring that swivels. The Puff is a fat 1 1/2 inches in diameter. The pendent hangs 2 3/4 inches in total.

It just needs a favorite chain or length of satin ribbon to become a lovely necklace. It would make a nice lamp pull or bauble on a curtain tie back.  


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