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Micro Mosaic Circle Pin

Micro Mosaic Circle Pin

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Circular Micro Mosaic Pin for the Vintage Jewelry Box

 1 1/2 inch diameter Round Brooch, 1/4 inch wide Band in Gold Setting

checkered tile background in yellow and black with micro floral accents

Hallmarked Italy on the Back with a catch and release clasp.   

 Wonderful artisan Jewelry is one of the treasures we inherit from another time and place. Vintage jewelry was hand made with pride. Makers and skills were often regional evolving through tradition and availability of materials. Since very early roman times mosaics have been created that still amaze us with their beauty.

 Pieces of fine jewelry were created with thousands of tiny tiles made from glass and stone. The masters created works that appeared to be paintings. Often made for as keepsake pieces each was a unique work of art. As travel began to bring tourist there were number of years known as the Grand Tour years where these works were purchased and spread across the globe. Styles and processes can be distinguished by materials styles and settings.

 This bright and cheerful piece is eye catching with its checkered background and tiny blue, white and red flowers. The setting is trimmed in a gold band of rope braid. It is in very good condition with no tiles missing.

Add to your collection or brighten the day of a friend in need of a reason to smile!



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