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Pair of Hand Forged Iron Leaf and Vine Hooks

Pair of Hand Forged Iron Leaf and Vine Hooks

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Original Forged Hardware by an Artisan Blacksmith

Hooks and hangers are needed in a multitude of places and highly visible spaces. They need to be strong and well made. Walter's hooks are forged from solid steel stock and thoughtfully designed to protect fabrics and hands. Each hook has a flared fishtail end that won't catch or dimple fabric. They will hold a great deal of weight. 

This set of left and right hanging vine hooks are accented with Walter's hammer sculpted leaves on the end of gently curving vines that appear to grow from the iron hanger. As in nature, each leaf is similar yet unique in markings. 

This artisan hardware is approximately 8 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide. The hooks are 2 1/2 inches deep. The stock is approximately 1/2 square. There are 2 inset mounting holes for secure attachment to your surface.

The vines and stock are a natural brushed steel silver. The leaves are varying shades of a green translucent patinas. 

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